Top 15 Apps and Websites that all Travelers should know about

Hello Travelers!

In this post I will share with you my top 15 Apps and Websites that all Travelers should know about. I will describe some apps that will help you plan your trip and others that can save you time when abroad! So let’s start:

1. Google Trips

This one is a must. Google created recently an app to help you manage your trip and, as always, google did it pretty well. Google Trips synchronizes your bookings and flights automatically. It gives you a list of what to see and do around and, the best part for me, it allows you to select your favorites and create itineraries. And all off this available offline (just make sure to download everything before you leave). Moreover you have also some extra features such as “food & drink”, “Need to know” and “Getting around”. In the “Need to know” section you can find information about emergencies numbers, tipping, ATM’s, WiFi hotspots, etc.

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? Yes, It’s free.

Note: If you don’t want to download the app you can always make google maps available offline.

You can check how to do it here.

2. Moovit

Have you ever been in a city and didn’t know which bus to catch to reach that specific place? Moovit will solve your problem! It creates the best itinerary for you to move around the city. You just have to introduce your departure and destination point and it gives you several options since metro, buses, and even Uber! It gives you all the details: the bus number, stops, the price of the trip, duration, etc. The only minus about the app is that it’s not yet available for all the main cities, but maybe you’ll be lucky and find yours!

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? Oh yes.

3. Settle Up

If you’re traveling with your friends Settle up will do the math for all that bills that you are splitting! You just have to introduce the person who paid, the value and to whom, and the app does the rest. It’s super user friendly and it synchronizes between all of you automatically.

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? It’s free for Android. 1.99$ for IOS.

4. Goeuro & Rome2rio

Goeuro and Rome2rio are two different apps but they basically do the same and I recommend you to always check both. These apps give you several possibilities for you to travel from one city to another, from trains to car sharing. From my experience they do the job pretty well so I definitely recommend those, especially if your planning to do an inter-rail.

Another well-known website is The man in Seat 61. I don’t use it so much but I recommend it especially if your planning to travel by train. Take in mind that this one only consider train and ferry. 

  • Goeuro is available for: Android and IOS
  • Rome2rio is available for: Android and IOS 
  • The Man in seat 61 is available for: Android
  • Is it free? All of them are free except the Man in seat 61, the app costs approximately 1.20€.

5. Amplify Battery Extender

Running out of battery while traveling can turn into a big problem. This way install an app that will save you some battery. I recommend Amplify Battery Extender, I’m really satisfied with it but there are plenty others for you to choose. Just make sure you have one that will get the job done.

6. Sandemans

Sandemans is worth to check in case you enjoy guided tours. There are several big points about Sandemans: it’s affordable to everyone (because you can pay whatever you want), it mixes culture, history and charismatic storytelling. I did 2 or 3 and I didn’t regret it, it’s especially nice if you’re in a city only for a few days.

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? 100% free.

7. Spotted by locals

If you’re more the kind of person that prefer to visit a city adopting the “local life style” than visiting only the main attractions I strongly recommended you to install the Spotted by locals. All the spots are picked by locals so you will not for sure miss any of those secret places!

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? No. It costs around 3.99€/city for both, Android and IOS.

8. Foodspotting

Foodspotting is the latest app for food lovers! If you love to try local dishes and specialties this app is mandatory. This app gives you a list of local dishes and where to find them. It’s important to mention that it’s focused on dishes not only restaurants.

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? Yes, for both, Android and IOS.

9. Inyourpocket

Inyourpocket has city guides available for free. In the city guide you can find the spots that you can’t miss, affordable restaurants and even a list of the monthly events in town! It’s pretty nice because they release a new edition every season! Moreover it’s free so just don’t forget to downloaded before you leave. You can download the guides here. You can also download their app, the content is pretty similar to the guide.

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? oh yeah.

10. Wikitravel

Wikitravel is mandatory to consult before your travel. That’s the Wikipedia of travelling. You just have to write the city that you’re travelling to and it gives you a lot of important and useful information. Wikitravel has really nice information about getting around the city, local transports, main dishes, and how to stay safe there. They have really good advices, about everything! I recommend for sure. They also have a section for travel alerts with the last incidents around the world that can be important for you to know.  I usually read it before I travel. Nevertheless, if you want you can always download it for Android (I didn’t find for IOS).

  • Available for: Android.
  • Is it free? Yes.

11. Jetlagrooster

If you guys suffer with jet lag like I do you will really need to install Jetlagrooster and see the jet lag problem disappear! It’s super easy to use and it works pretty well. Just input your info and follow the instructions to reduce the jet lag consequences. It works!

12. Airline app

Download you airline app before traveling can be helpful if you prefer to carry an mobile boarding pass instead of a printed one. If you’re travelling with low costs airlines take in mind that if you decide to do the check in at the airport you’ll have to pay for it. The only way to avoid this is to do the check in and print your boarding pass 72 to 24 hours before your flight. Once the mobile app allows you to have a mobile boarding pass, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to print it.

13. Livetrekker

Livetrekker is doing more than just record your GPS track. You can take photos, voice records and movies, which are later synchronized with your path and you’ll be able to locate them precisely on the map. It is worth to download specially if you would like to save your daily journeys.

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Is it free? Yes, it’s free.

14. Numbeo

I consider Numbeo the best tool to help you create the budget for your trip. You can easily compare prices between your city and your destination. You can compare prices of food, coffee, public transports, etc. It can really help you with your trip budget. It’s mandatory if you don’t want to get broke on your first day.

15. Foreign Travel Advice

I already wrote about the things that you should check regarding health and safety issues (you check it here). That’s a topic that you shouldn’t ignore, at all, specially if you’re planning the trip by your own.

There are several websites for this, the problem is to know if they are or not trustful and if they are updated. I usually check at least two of them. I use the Foreign Travel Advice from the UK government and the website from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only available in Portuguese). Both are usually updated and they have important information regarding health and safety, entry requirements, money exchange, local laws and customs.

Enjoy your trip,


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